Get a Universal Charge from These

It seems that more and more gadgets that we come to rely on are powered by rechargeable batteries. Cellular telephones, MP3 players, PDAs, etc. are among the items that we can use anywhere, as long as their batteries are charged. But what happens when there is no power available to charge the battery in your gadget? That can happen during an extended power blackout due to a storm, or when you tale a long trip by car, or if you go camping for the weekend or longer. When the batteries run down that is the end of the usefulness of the device. No calls for a phone, no music for a MP3 player, no access to data and schedules on the PDA, etc. You are stuck in this case.

One practical solution is to use a battery powered phone charger for charging your gadget. This charger can be powered from the wall socket at home or in your office, or it can be powered by your car’s electric power, and finally, with a common 9V battery, it can charge or run the device from a 9V battery. This means that you will never be without the service of your gadget. For example, if you go camping for a week, simply buy three or four 9V batteries and take them along. You cell phone or MP3 player will keep going the entire time.

Another practical solution is a solar powered phone charger that uses the sun’s power to charge your device. With this charger the energy is free anytime the sun is shining. Your mobile telephone or PDA can be recharged from the sun in the day and used all night. The solar collector panel is not necessarily as compact as the battery powered phone charger but for remote location use there is no need to buy any one-time use batteries so it is the most economical solution.